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The Compost Digest

Welcome to the MyEcoWorld® Blog - your destination for sustainable living inspiration! We're here to share practical tips, trends, and ideas to help you embrace a new lifestyle.


Celebrate Love Sustainably!

This Valentine's Day, embrace a celebration that cherishes love and the planet in equal measure. Our guide offers innovative and thoughtful ways to express affection through sustainably sourced gifts, like organic chocolates and ethical jewelry, and meaningful experiences that leave a minimal environmental footprint.

From romantic picnics that champion local produce to crafting personalized gifts with MyEcoWorld® bags, we highlight how to make this day special with gestures that reflect a deep respect for our natural world. Dive into ideas for low-impact outings and homemade presents that not only demonstrate your love but also your commitment to a sustainable future.


Microplastics are a significant environmental issue. They are categorized into primary microplastics, which are intentionally made for use in products like cosmetics, and secondary microplastics, formed from the breakdown of larger plastic items. These particles are found everywhere, from deep oceans to Arctic snow, and are ingested by marine life, leading to potential health risks through the food chain.

Efforts to combat microplastic pollution include raising awareness and introducing sustainable alternatives. Everyday items, such as personal care products and synthetic clothes, contribute to microplastic release.


Winter doesn't mean your composting efforts have to freeze! Dive into our guide on how to keep your compost pile thriving even in the coldest months. Discover tips and expert advice for a sustainable approach to winter composting, ensuring your garden remains vibrant all year round.

Dive into our blog for insights on winter composting, where you'll learn to sustain microbial activity in cold weather for a fruitful spring harvest, discover methods for insulating and managing your compost pile, and gain valuable tips on planning, including choosing the optimal location, balancing compost ingredients, and controlling moisture for minimal environmental impact.

A Guide to a waste-free thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and festivities. But it can also be a time for excessive waste, from food to packaging. Considering this, here's how to create a more sustainable Thanksgiving celebration without sacrificing any of the joy or deliciousness.

From well thought out planning, choosing your recipes wisely to smarter grocery shopping and concsious cooking you can have a smaller impact on the environment this holiday.

This blog is full of tips that can help you plan and enjoy giving back as much as you give thanks!

SUstainable indoor adventures in the fall

As autumn winds blow and we spend more time indoors, it's the perfect opportunity to engage in sustainable activities that bring the family together. MyEcoWorld®, offers more than just waste solutions; our products can be an integral part of fun crafts and activities.

In this blog our creative team shares with you some engaging activities such as leaf art to pinecone bird feeders that use minimal waste, promote sustainability, and incorporate MyEcoWorld® products. Fun for the whole family!


Welcome to MyEcoWorld®

At MyEcoWorld®, we are more than a brand; we're a movement for a healthier planet! Explore our blog to learn about conventional plastic pollution and how simple choices can make a huge difference. Discover how we promote responsible living through compostable bags and supporting a circular economy.

How to Start Home Composting

Explore home composting with MyEcoWorld®! Our guide provides step-by-step instructions, from choosing the ideal location to maintaining a balanced compost pile. Learn how our certified compostable bags simplify the process and discover the benefits of composting for your garden and the planet.

Tips Series: Fall Yard Composting Guide 

Embrace autumn with MyEcoWorld®! Learn yard composting essentials and how our compostable bags aid responsible waste management during the changing seasons. This season, prepare your garden for winter and elevate your waste practices responsibly with us. Happy Fall!