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How to Start Home Composting with MyEcoWorld®

How to Start Home Composting with MyEcoWorld®

How to Start Home Composting with MyEcoWorld®

Home composting, in tandem with responsible brands like MyEcoWorld®

How to Start Home Composting with MyEcoWorld®:

  1. Location Selection: Choose an ideal location for your compost pile or bin, preferably on bare earth with ample sunlight or partial shade, good drainage, and water access. You can purchase a bin or construct one.
  2. Initiate with Coarse Materials: Begin with a thick layer of coarse materials like twigs, straw, or mulch to facilitate air circulation and drainage.
  3. Alternate between Green and Brown Materials: Intermix layers of nitrogen-rich green materials (e.g., fruit and vegetable scraps, grass clippings, coffee grounds, tea leaves) and carbon-rich brown materials (e.g., dry leaves, paper, cardboard, wood chips). Aim for a 2:1 ratio of brown to green materials.
  4. Utilize MyEcoWorld® Compostable Bags: Employ MyEcoWorld® compostable food waste bags to collect kitchen scraps. These bags, available in 3 or 13 gallons, are robust enough to hold your kitchen scraps and prevent leaks and odors but will decompose seamlessly along with the organic matter in the pile.
  5. Moisturize the Layers: Each layer should be moist, resembling a wrung-out sponge.
  6. Aerate the Pile: To expedite decomposition, turn the pile periodically and introduce more microorganisms by adding finished compost or garden soil.
  7. Identifying Ready Compost: Once the compost exhibits a dark, crumbly appearance and an earthy odor, usually within 2 months to a year, it is ready to use to enrich soil, enhance water retention, and bolster plant growth.

Benefits of MyEcoWorld® Bags:

MyEcoWorld® bags are suitable for any composting bin or pile and have secured certification for composability, meeting international standards for biodegradability, disintegration, and eco-toxicity. In addition to being resilient and leak-proof, offering a convenient and responsible means to collect kitchen scraps without contributing to environmental harm.

Using MyEcoWorld® Bags for Composting:

  • Collect kitchen waste in a MyEcoWorld® bag, avoiding meat, dairy, bones, oils, and cooked foods to prevent odors, pests, and pathogens.

Carrots and vegetable scraps going into a MyEcoWorld 3 Gal compost bag

  • Secure the bag once full and add to your compost bin or pile, incorporating brown materials to balance out the green materials in the bag.
  • Moisturize and turn the mixture periodically to facilitate decomposition.
  • Once the compost is ready, it can be used as a soil enricher, mulch, or a lawn top dressing, promoting plant health and growth.


MyEcoWorld®’s innovative compostable products, like our 3Gal and 13Gal compostable kitchen liners make sustainable living accessible and practical, providing an effective solution to reduce waste and support a healthier planet. By adopting responsible composting practices with MyEcoWorld®, we can contribute to environmental preservation and cultivate a greener, more harmonious world.

Remember to follow local guidelines and use the products as intended to make the most out of your home composting experience and to truly make a positive impact on the environment. Every small step counts towards a sustainable future and using certified compostable products like those from MyEcoWorld® is a step in the right direction.


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