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Introduction to the MyEcoWorld® Blog!

Introduction to the MyEcoWorld® Blog!

Introduction to the MyEcoWorld® Blog!


Welcome to the MyEcoWorld® Blog!

In a world full of plastic challenges, there's a brand that's choosing a friendlier path for our planet: MyEcoWorld®. Let's make a difference together!

The Truth About Plastics

Plastics were created to be enduring, which ironically is both their strength and their downfall. Their longevity means they persist in our environment, choking marine life, congesting landfills, and infiltrating our food through microplastics.

In a stunning statistic, humans use an astonishing 160,000 plastic bags every second. But this is where MyEcoWorld® steps in.

Making a Change: One Bag at a Time

At MyEcoWorld®, we believe in taking steps towards a greener Earth. Our range of compostable bags, from poop bags to bin liners, serve as alternatives to the plastic bags adding to the Earth's burden.

When you choose MyEcoWorld® products, you:

  • Combat the increasing landfill crisis
  • Redirect food from landfills to organic streams, promoting its breakdown into nutrient-rich soil.
  • Support a system where waste can break down in as little as 90 days in the right setting without leaving toxic residues or microplastics.
  • Contribute to creating fertile grounds, as our 3 Gal and 13 Gal compostable bags when used with food scraps will breakdown into fertile soil, ensuring thriving crops and gardens.

Why Choose MyEcoWorld®?

Our dedication to the environment goes beyond the surface. Here's how we're unique:

  1. Pioneers in Plastic Alternatives: We were among the first to earn international certifications for compostable products, with over a decade of experience supplying them worldwide.
  2. Homegrown & Holistic: From brainstorming innovative ideas, mastering raw material technology to manufacturing - everything is done in-house. We believe in maintaining integrity throughout our product creation journey.
  3. Leaders in Sustainable Technology: Our dedication combined with our cutting-edge research has resulted in our patented bio-resin technology. Thus, offering the highest caliber of solutions.
  4. Global Presence, Local Heart: Rooted in Melbourne, our footprint spans across 20 countries with a committed team of 175 employees. Our expansive range, including MyEcoBag®, MyEcoPet®, and Cardia® brands, reaches corners of the globe, while our US headquarters finds its home in North Plains, Oregon.

A Peek into Our Process

How do we turn GMO-free corn into a revolutionary product? Here’s a snapshot:

  1. Harvest: We start with GMO-free corn.
  2. Extraction: Corn starch is extracted and blended with compostable ingredients.
  3. Creation: The compostable product is crafted.
  4. Usage: It collects various organic waste.
  5. Composting: Post-use, it’s sent for composting.
  6. Decomposition: Worms, bacteria, and fungi work their magic, breaking the waste within 90 days.
  7. The Return: The end product? Nutrient-rich soil, with no toxic traces.

Our bags, crafted from plant materials, come with a promise. They leave behind a legacy of health, devoid of microplastics and toxins.

MyEcoWorld®: Envisioning a Circular Economy

The current linear economy's "use and throw" culture is detrimental. MyEcoWorld® champions a circular economy, promoting reuse and regeneration, marking a shift towards a zero-waste system.

By opting for compostable products like ours, you're supporting this significant environmental transition.

Parting Thought: Play Your Part

The mission is clear: Save the Earth, one bag at a time. By simply replacing your conventional plastic product with our compostable alternative, you’re making a monumental difference.

Embrace MyEcoWorld®. Together, let's pave the way for a greener, healthier planet.

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