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What does this mean?

Put simply, in a circular economy, products are designed to be reused or regenerated in a continuous loop, supporting the crucial move towards zero waste. In a linear economy, products have a single use – they are made, used and disposed of once, creating enormous amounts of waste.

Shifting from a linear economy to a circular economy is one of the most important things we can do to help the environment. By choosing compostable products you can help support this this move.

Diagram demonstrating linear economy, recycling, and circular economy
Image showing the lifecycle of a My Eco World Bag
Image showing the lifecycle of a My Eco World Bag
  • Corn is harvested GMO free corn is grown & harvested.
  • Corn starch is extracted Corn starch is extracted from the corn & mixed with other compostable ingredients.
  • Products are made Our certified compostable product is made.
  • product is used Product is used to collect food, garden and other organic waste.
  • Product is put in green bin or home compost Product is placed in a home, council or industrial organics bin for composting.
  • worms feed on waste Worms, bacteria & fungi feed on the waste, fully breaking it down into organic matter in as little as 90 days.
  • Nutrient rich soil is created Product & its organic contents return to the earth to make nutrient rich soil, leaving behind no harmful or toxic residues.
Made from the earth. Return to the earth.

Our bags are made with plant materials and break down to make healthy soil.

Green doodle icon with text made from corn with a green doodle of a corn
Person wearing coat standing over a bin of dirt, holding dirt in their hands
Made with plant materials
Made from GMO-free renewable corn and other organic compostable materials.
Non-toxic, water-based inks
Free from harmful chemicals & gentle on the environment.
Certified compostable
Independently certified to meet stringent and International Standards for industrial and home composting.
Decomposes completely and quickly
Fully breaks down into organic elements in as little as 90 days in home and municipal compost.
Curbside Composting Approved
Suitable for approved municipal curbside composting program. Check your local composting program regulations to verify that they accept compostable packaging.
Safe for Plants, Pets, and the Planet
Non-toxic; leaves behind no microplastics or harmful residues that could contanimnate the environment or wildlife.
Green doodle of a cut in half carrot