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The Plastic Problem


For starters, the whole point of it is to be extremely durable and long-lasting. It’s why just about everything is made from it. But it’s also why, just about every bit of plastic we use, and have used in our lifetime, still exists in one form or another. It’s floating in the ocean, it’s filling up our landfills, and it’s contaminating our food system. The Earth, although quite resilient, doesn’t really know how to get rid of it all. Clearly, we need to use less. And while we’re at it, come up with a whole lot of innovative solutions. Take bags, for example. You might be surprised to know that people use 160,000 plastic bags per second. And it goes without saying that most of those bags are made from conventional plastic. Which is exactly why we’re in the bag business. The kind that allow you to compost, or scoop poop, the right way. They are tough, but not tough on the planet. They are better made, better to use, and so much better for the world.

A world that could use more sustainable thinking.

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Together we
can make a difference.

You can play a role in reducing our plastics problem and give back to our planet by choosing MyEcoWorld® products. With this simple act, you can help reduce the effect of greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a zero-waste, circular economy.

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Switching to MyEcoWorld® makes a bigger difference than you know.

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Reduces the amount of conventional plastics that end up in landfills.
Diverts food from landfill to the organic waste stream where it breaks down to help make nutrient rich soil.
Fully disintegrates in compost in as little as 90 days, leaving behind no harmful or toxic residues.
Helps create fertile soil for our farmers and home gardeners to grow valuable crops, plants and flowers.
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