Pet Poop Bags - 200ct

Manufacturer's Part #PSB-C-0200-P

Color: Gray

At MyEcoWorld® we see a world where regular plastic bags are no longer used to pick up pet poop. 


  • Exceptional Strength: Designed to ensure no breaks or leaks, keeping your hands clean and your walks stress-free.
  • Thoughtful Composition: Made with at least 30% GMO-Free Corn and other natural, non-harmful ingredients, these bags are a practical alternative to traditional plastics.
  • Easy to Use: Our bags are designed to open easily, eliminating the annoyance of static cling. Each roll is produced without an inner core, reducing material use.
  • Convenience and Easy Dispensing: Pulling out individual bags from the tissue box is effortless, making it quick and convenient during walks or cleanup. 
  • Variety of Sizes: Available in a 4-Roll, 8-Roll qty, and a tissue-style box of 200 single units. Also offered in case packs of 6 for each variation.
  • Bulk Purchase Savings: Enjoy a 7% discount when purchasing a full case pack (QTY: 6) of any product variant.


While MyEcoWorld® bags are made with plant-based materials, it's important to note that most U.S. commercial composting facilities currently do not accept pet waste. Until this changes, we recommend disposing of your pet's waste in the trash.


  • Qty: Box of 200 bags
  • Bag Dimensions: 9" x 13"
  • Bag Thickness: 0.67m
  • Case Pack Qty: 200Ct Tissue: 1200 bags


  • MyEcoWorld® Pet Poop bags are a better made alternative to single-use plastic bags that are better for the planet.

    “I love that these are scent free, compostable, and thick. These bags are soft and sturdy, not at all thin and don’t tear easily!” ~ Susan

    Choose MyEcoWorld® and choose your Earth.

    MyEcoWorld® Poop Bags are made with the
    environment in mind using 30% corn and other non-harmful ingredients. We even omit the inner core to reduce waste further and always use non-toxic,
    water-based inks in both our bags and the packaging.